Why the school closings are killing kids

With a lot of schools closing their doors, students are losing the chance to have fun and connect with their classmates.

In many of the biggest schools, teachers and staff have been laid off.

They’re having to take a pay cut, and the schools are also facing a budget crunch.

With the closure of many schools, students and parents have been looking for places to go for school, but many of them can’t find them.

We spoke with the parents of school closers and found out why their schools are struggling and what’s next.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for families and communities to get back to school and to have a meaningful and meaningful school year.

We’re going to give families a great start in 2018, and then we’re going after more than just the next school year.

“Some schools, like St. Mary’s College Prep in Virginia, are closing their enrollment entirely.

Other schools, including Bethany College Prep, in North Carolina, and Mount Pleasant High School in Maryland, are doing the same.

For the past few years, many schools have been forced to close for financial reasons, and it’s becoming harder to find students for their classes.

The closure of some schools has also caused a decrease in the number of students coming to school, which is a concern.

For many students, they have no other choice.

They can’t go to a different school because it’s too close to their home, or they’re going back to a traditional high school or community college because of the closings.

Parents are also worried about the possibility of having their kids taken away from them.

Some schools are going to be closing their gates, which will mean that students will have to stay home.

Many parents are concerned about the cost of leaving their kids at home, and they worry about the fact that they’re being put into a situation where they won’t be able to go to school.

They feel like they’re leaving the kids in a situation that they know isn’t right, and there’s no way for them to come back.

What parents are worried about, and what schools are worried the most, is the possibility that their kids won’t have the opportunity to meet other kids and get a feel for what’s going on in their community.

They are also concerned about students who may be left out of class to find another school, and are also anxious about the prospect of not having access to their kids.

For some families, it’s also becoming a concern that some schools may close their doors because they don’t have enough resources for the students, and students are coming into schools that are already full.

We also know that schools that have closed are struggling financially, and some are even losing their eligibility for federal funds.

Some schools are closing because they’re struggling financially.

They don’t know how to provide the kind of educational experience that their students need to graduate.

They need resources, and for some schools, that’s just not there, so they’re closing their schools.

Parents have also been concerned about how they will be able keep their kids out of school and how they can support their children when they go back to work.

Many schools are now looking at having special programs for the return to work of some of the students.

Parents need to be proactive.

If a school has closed, they need to look at how they plan to reopen or close.

Some parents are looking to start a support group or make a referral for other students who are interested in working.

And some schools are even planning to close classes temporarily so that their faculty can attend to students who need to go home.