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Hillsborough County schools have been ranked in the top ten in the UK, the Times newspaper reports.

 The Times reports that Hillsborough Education and Sport is rated number one, and Hillsborough Primary School is ranked number ten.

The Times says Hillsborough is one of just three English schools to win the title of best school in the world, along with London Metropolitan University.

Hicks High School is number seven, and has been voted the most successful secondary school in England by The Times.

More from New Scientist: Hits and misses in maths and science: The best and worst schools in EnglandRead more about Hillsborough: The Hillsborough Foundation, a charity that supports schools and teachers in the county, has also been recognised for its work, the newspaper reports, as well as the award for best secondary school.

According to the Times, Hillsborough’s top ten schools include Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Oxford, St John’s College, and York College.

As part of the report, Hillsburys Education and Science School was also named best secondary in England, the same as other top secondary schools.