Which school closures will be announced in 2017?

Schools in Italy are currently facing a shortage of teachers, as the Government struggles to find enough qualified teachers.

It is expected that the number of vacancies will increase as schools struggle to find qualified teachers for the new year.

The number of qualified teachers in the country increased by 2,973 students last year, compared to the previous year, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education (DED) announced.

The numbers of vacancies for the next school year will increase by 8,800 to reach an expected total of 10,000 positions, according to the announcement.

The ministry stated that it will introduce a new law to encourage teachers to find new positions in order to increase the supply of teachers.

“The Government is committed to a skilled and well-trained workforce, which can guarantee the well-being of children and young people,” said Minister for Education Alberto Di Stefano in the announcement, adding that the new law would help to reduce the need for teachers in some schools.

According to the minister, the law will also encourage the formation of new companies to hire and train new teachers.

However, the DED did not disclose how many companies have been registered for the coming year.