Which public school districts are facing the biggest enrollment drops?

The largest public school district in the United States is facing a projected enrollment decline of 1.5 million students this year, according to new enrollment data released Thursday by the Department of Education. 

The data released by the department also showed that enrollment growth in public schools has been slow over the past decade, which is contributing to a projected drop of more than 500,000 students this school year.

The district’s largest urban school district, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Public Schools, is in the top 10 in enrollment and enrollment growth, according the data released Friday.

The district has about 9,000 residents.

The District of Columbia and the District of the Virgin Islands also have the most urban public schools.

Charlotte-Meeklenburg Public Schools has the highest enrollment growth rate in the state, according a 2017 report by the Education Department.

It’s also among the top four largest public schools in the country.

As of Dec. 31, there were more than 23,000 new students in Charlotte-MEcklenberry Public Schools.

The school district also has a $8.5 billion capital plan, and has a budget of $13.4 billion for the next school year, with an anticipated $1.3 billion budget deficit.

Some of the other largest urban districts that have experienced steep enrollment drops this school-year include the Chicago Public Schools and Philadelphia Public Schools .

Chicago Public schools have the highest increase in enrollment with more than 3,800 new students.

Philadelphia Public schools has more than 6,600 new students and Philadelphia has a projected $4.8 billion budget surplus.

In addition to the enrollment drop, a number of school districts also have been losing students as a result of a decline in funding.

For example, Milwaukee Public Schools is the largest urban district in Wisconsin with more then 2,600 students and has $9.5 bn in revenue.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, the state’s largest public high school district is losing students and the state has $1 billion in budget deficit, according data released this week by the state Education Department .

The district also announced that the city of Greensboro is in dire need of an additional $4 million in funding to help the district maintain its financial health.