When a high school student gets his sex education wrong, he might be facing expulsion

Cherokee County schools are currently offering sex education to high school students in an effort to help reduce sexual assaults.

But according to an Associated Press article, the curriculum is actually a way for school administrators to keep students safe, and the curriculum includes an explicit lesson on “how to have sex.”

According to the AP, the Cherokeeschool has been working with the local law enforcement agency for years on a new curriculum that includes a lesson on how to “have sex” with a student, but that has not yet been implemented.

The lesson was originally created for students who are at high risk of being sexually assaulted.

“We are trying to make sure our students are protected and we are trying really hard to get a program that is appropriate to their age, their background, their experiences, their social context,” Cherokeschool principal Kym Lee said.

The curriculum does not mention the word “rape” or “sexual assault,” but says that “some of the behaviors that can lead to sexual assault and rape are sexual contact, physical contact, or kissing.”

The curriculum does however mention that “there is a difference between a verbal assault and a physical assault,” and that sexual assault does not require force.

“If you are sexually assaulted, you are not going to say, ‘I didn’t mean to hit you.’

You are not telling them that you didn’t think it was okay,” Lee said, adding that Cheroke County schools should not be putting students in situations where they can be vulnerable.

The Cherokeschool is a private school that was previously a Catholic school.