What’s the future of the school bus?

Who created the school buses?

The answer is not necessarily that of the company that invented the schoolbus, but of a company that also created schools, which in turn are the basis of a new medical school.

According to the official announcement, a new school bus manufacturer has entered the field.

The new company will be based in China and it will be producing a new type of school bus.

The company’s name is CELUS and it is based in Shenzhen.

The news is not entirely surprising, given the company has already been in operation since 2010.

The first school bus manufactured by CELSS was a white one that was based on a Ford E-Series model.

In this new school, it will make the same school bus, but it will also offer an additional design and design features.

For instance, it is going to offer the option to make the bus more flexible.

It will offer a longer seat that is made of composite material that can be folded and rolled.

The school bus will also have an extra seat that can fold and roll in addition to the standard seat.

It is unclear how this extra seat will be used.

The school bus has already shown off many of its features.

It can be used for both physical education and physical education programs, and it can also be used to conduct research.

This new design is likely to help the school’s students learn more about the world and more importantly, improve their health.