The Milwaukee Public Schools are hiring summer school teachers

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is hiring summer teachers for the 2017-2018 school year.

The announcement comes a few weeks after the school district announced a “Year of Summer” initiative, which aims to encourage students to explore different types of learning, engage in sports, engage with peers and socialize with new friends during the summer.

Under the new plan, summer schools are opening from July through September, including the Milwaukee Public School Summer Concert Series at the Milwaukee Civic Auditorium in downtown Milwaukee, and the Milwaukee Artisan Art Show at the Art Institute of Wisconsin.MPS Superintendent John Bocchini announced the hires in a letter to parents Monday morning.

“Summer is a time to build and grow our students, and to engage in activities and activities that enrich our students and our school system,” he wrote.

“The Summer School Program is a way for students to engage and discover new ways of learning that enhance the learning experiences of the students and the learning environment.

The Summer School is a wonderful opportunity for all Milwaukee students to learn new ways to connect with one another and to share their own stories and ideas.

It’s also an opportunity for students who have chosen to take a summer break to connect and engage with a variety of other students from different backgrounds.”

Bocchini said the Summer School will be a year-long program, with the first two weeks of classes being devoted to sports, activities and music.

The next two weeks will be dedicated to social studies, social and leadership skills, art and cultural studies, and physical education.

The program will be available to students from grades K-8 through 12, with a cap of 50 students participating in the program at any one time.

The Summer school program was developed with support from the Milwaukee School District Board of Education, according to the letter.

“Our Summer School programs will include activities designed to develop students’ natural ability to communicate and engage in social interaction and develop their ability to express themselves in creative ways,” Bocchi wrote.

“Students will engage in music, arts, sports, community service, creative writing, art, storytelling, theater, storytelling arts and social studies.”

We will also offer special programming that engages students with other students in the same program, such as the Milwaukee Music Theater Summer Concerts and the Summer Jazz Program.

“For students who are interested in applying to this program, the Milwaukee Summer School Application Form is available here.”

For more information about the program, visit the Milwaukee school district website.

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