Pinellas school board members call for resignation after Trump tweet

Pinells school board member Kevin Linder, R-Ocala, is not a Democrat, but he is a Republican and has voted in the past for Republican candidates for local office.

Linder’s tweet Monday morning was in response to a statement from the Pinellias Public Schools superintendent, who said the district will “stand strong and steadfast” against “this despicable act.”

In a statement, Pinellis Public Schools spokeswoman Megan Williams said the school board will meet later this week to discuss the issue.

She did not say whether the meeting would include Linder.

“We do not want this to happen again.

I am very confident in our superintendent’s leadership and determination to protect our students, families and community,” Williams said.

Linders, a Democrat who serves on the school boards school board, was not available for comment Monday.

A statement from Linder’s office said he did not endorse Trump and has spoken with several members of the school community.

“I support our school board in taking appropriate steps to address this issue,” the statement said.

“The school board has a strong team of dedicated educators, parents, community members and community leaders to work together to ensure all of our students are safe.”

The district has a record of safety, Williams said in a statement.

In a letter Monday, Pinelias Public School superintendent Mike Stearns wrote that Linder was removed from his position as a result of the incident and the school district will not be accepting additional teachers, students, or other staff members from that position.

Stearns also said the Pinelis district will work with the Pinels county school board to address the incident.

“There are several steps we will take to ensure that this does not happen again,” Stears wrote.

“It is important to me that we take all necessary actions to ensure this does NOT happen again.”

Pinellias school board President Jim Bowers said he and the district’s top two school leaders are aware of the tweet and that they are not aware of any new information.

“This is a matter for the Pinella school board,” Bowers wrote in a letter to the board.

“We have no information to share other than that this incident has been brought to our attention.

We are aware that we have not received any new updates from the district as of this time.”