New York’s Stuyvesants High School graduates are the first in the state to be recognised by the NSW government

New York City-based Stuyveant High School is the first school in the US to be accredited by the state of New York, which has a high percentage of white students.

Key points:The New York-based school is now recognised by New York State and has been awarded a $2 million state grantThe school has the first African American graduate of its class, according to the State DepartmentThe school is also recognised by a NSW Government-sponsored scholarshipThe school received its first state-funded scholarship in September 2018 and was awarded $2.9 million in the second year of its accreditation, a new State Department report said.

Stuyvesancy is an elite high school in Stuyverant, a predominantly African American suburb of New Jersey.

Its graduates have been recognised by The New York Times and other media outlets.

Its first black student, David Lee, is the only black person to graduate from the school.

“When I think about my life I’m just thankful for my parents who gave me the opportunity to be able to pursue this dream,” he said.

“They made it possible for me to go to this school and go to Stuyvezant and that’s what I’ll never forget.”

I want to make sure that the people who support Stuyvenant have their voices heard.

“In New York and across the US, schools are being recognised by state governments as an example of diversity, as well as accreditation by the New York Education Association.”

While this is a very exciting step forward for Stuyvedant, we are aware that there are still many ways to go in our schools,” the State Education Department said in a statement.”

To address these issues and to create more inclusive and welcoming environments for students and staff, the New Yorks education system will be expanding its outreach efforts to schools and schools and community partners.

“The school’s first black graduate, David Lein, is now the only African American student to graduate.

(Supplied: Stuyvingant High)Stuyvezants school is a public school, but is not affiliated to the school network.

The State Department’s statement said the state’s school system had made progress over the past two years.”

Stuyvenants students are now the first to graduate with an African American male and female teacher in the graduating class,” the statement said.’

We will keep fighting’Stuyvingants is the fourth New York public school to be accredited by the State School Boards Association.

Last year, the school was awarded a State grant worth $2m for the first year of accreditation.”

This grants support the New Jersey Department of Education in supporting schools with funding, training, facilities, and services,” the school said in an emailed statement.

It is the second time the school has received funding from the state.

The school previously received funding in 2018 for an increase in enrollment of 1,100 students.

The New Jersey Education Association, which works to help students of colour in the State, said the accreditation was a positive step in its efforts to ensure that all schools are welcoming and equitable.”

We will continue to work to ensure the schools are as diverse as possible, including ensuring that the schools they serve are accrediting, as the accreditors of Stuyvisesancy have done, and that they are accountable to students and their communities,” the association said.