How to use Google Voice on Android, Windows 10 and iOS (Android only)

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Click on your Android device’s home screen and choose Settings from the top menu.2.

Click the + button to the left of the Android device icon.3.

Click Add Phone to Contacts.4.

Enter your Google Voice number and your Android phone number.5.

Select Voice from the dropdown menu.6.

Enter a phone number and a name and press enter.7.

You will receive an SMS message with your new number and the phone number you entered.8.

You can add calls, text messages and video chats to your Google voice number.9.

Press OK to confirm your Google account.10.

Click Continue to continue.11.

Enter the number you just entered into the Google Voice application, press OK to close it, and then restart your phone.12.

To see your new Google Voice Number, press the spacebar or the home button to close the Google app.13.

Tap the phone icon and select Settings from your phone’s Home screen.14.

Scroll down and click More settings.15.

Click Voice & Location.16.

Scroll to the bottom and tap the + sign.17.

Click add phone to contacts.18.

Enter an Android phone and a phone name and select Add Phone.19.

Select your Google phone number, press Enter, and tap OK.20.

You are ready to use your new phone number on your Google Account.21.

To add a phone to your contacts, tap the phone button, select Add contact, and select your contact.22.

Tap Done to exit.23.

Repeat the process to add all your contacts to your account.24.

Press the phone again to close Google Voice.