How to rank your law school rankings

The law school ranking service released a new law school database that ranks law schools by how many people apply, who they hire, and how many jobs are filled in their first year of employment.

The ranking service’s data is based on more than 100 years of job postings.

Here are some key highlights:1.

Law schools that hire the most applicants are generally the best at recruiting.2.

In 2018, the average LSAT score for applicants was 672.

That means that in the past year, more than half the applicants to law schools applied.


For every 2,000 applicants to a law school, only about 2.5 graduates actually graduate.

The average graduate is about 25 years old.


The median salary for graduates in 2019 was $120,000, compared to $110,000 in 2018.


Law school recruiters expect the average GPA to be 3.4 in 2019.

This is up from 2.8 in 2018 and is about the same as the median GPA for all applicants.


Law School recruiters typically get the best applicants from a variety of backgrounds.

They typically prefer graduates from wealthy families.


A law school that hires the most people in the first year is generally the most profitable.

In 2017, the median LSAT cost was $96,000.8.

Law Schools with the Best Attractiveness and Graduation Rate1.

Duke Law School, North Carolina2.

Harvard University3.

Georgetown University4.

University of Pennsylvania5.

University at Buffalo6.

Boston University7.

University College London8.

University School of Law9.

Columbia University10.

Cornell University11.

University, California, Los Angeles12.

University Park University13.

Harvard Law School14.

Northwestern University15.

Syracuse University16.

University (Newark) Law School17.

Vanderbilt University18.

University Of Pennsylvania, Boston19.

University At Buffalo20.

University in London21.

University Themed School22.

University Andover23.

University Law School24.

University In The Arts, London25.

University Medical School26.

University Northeastern27.

University Pennsylvania, Philadelphia28.

University San Francisco29.


University St. Louis31.

University University of Texas, Austin32.

University Southern California33.

University Texas A&M34.

University Utah35.

University Washington University in St. Paul36.

University Western Kentucky37.

University West Virginia38.

University Virginia School Of Law39.

University Florida40.

University Tennessee41.

University Ohio42.

University Michigan43.

University North Carolina, Chapel Hill44.

University Northwestern University45.

University Central Florida46.

University Colorado University47.

University California, Irvine48.

University Boston College49.

University Oklahoma State50.

University Northern Colorado51.

University Indiana 52.

University Vanderbilt53.

University Iowa 54.

University Nebraska55.

University South Carolina56.

University Arizona57.

University New Mexico58.

University Oregon State59.

University Georgia College60.

University Louisiana State University61.

University Kansas State62.

University Kentucky 63.

University Rice University64.

University Rutgers University65.

University Vermont 66.

University Stanford University67.

University Notre Dame 68.

University Connecticut 69.

University Penn State 70.

University Chicago 71.

University Brown University 72.

University Cornell 73.

University Missouri 74.

University Columbia 75.

University Yale 76.

University Kent State University77.

University Alabama 78.

University Miami 79.

University Minnesota 80.

University Tulane 81.

University UCLA 82.

University Baylor 83.

University Nevada 84.

University Purdue 85.

University Portland 86.

University Pittsburgh 87.

University Mississippi 88.

University UAB 89.

University Illinois at Chicago 90.

University Idaho 91.

University Santa Clara 92.

University the University of Virginia 93.

University George Washington 94.

University Rhode Island 95.

University Loyola Marymount 96.

University Hofstra 97.

University Duke 98.

University Brandeis 99.

University Saint Louis 100.

University Seton Hall