How to choose a college for your future: Which schools are best for you?

A year ago, a number of news organizations started a trend of highlighting college admissions trends, with many news organizations focusing on the top five or six schools for students to choose from.

The rankings, which are based on an online survey conducted by U.S. news outlets in May 2017, are based primarily on academic quality, but also on admissions performance, career and community goals and other factors.

The top schools, in descending order, are ranked in terms of admissions performance.

The rankings have generated a lot of buzz among students and alumni, with a large number of schools dropping from the list in 2017.

In this article, we’re going to look at which schools are ranked highly and what their future potential is, and where students are looking to attend.

A few schools in this year’s list have been around for years, so you can find the full list of schools in our top five colleges rankings at the bottom of this post.


University of Utah, Provo, Utah State University2.

Stanford University, Stanford, California3.

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island4.

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York5.

University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland6.

University School of the Arts and Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland7.

University University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia8.

University Park, New Jersey, United States9.

University Of Wisconsin, Madison, United State10.

University At Buffalo, Rochester, New Hampshire11.

University, Denver, Colorado12.

University Medical Center, Denver and Erie, New Mexico13.

University (U of Toronto) Mississauga, Ontario14.

University Westin, Winnipeg, Manitoba15.

University-Quebec, Québec City, Canada16.

University in the City of London, London, United Kingdom17.

University St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota18.

University Leiden, Leiden University, Netherlands19.

University San Francisco, San Francisco State University, California20.

University and College of the Holy Cross, New Haven, Connecticut21.

University Loyola Marymount University, Chicago, Illinois22.

University La Crosse, La Crosette, Wisconsin23.

University South Carolina, Columbia University, South Carolina24.

University the City University of New York, New Albany, New Yorks25.

University New York (CUNY) at Albany, CUNY, New Paltz26.

University The College of Saint Louis, Saint Louis University, Missouri27.

University Columbia University and St. Louis University of Medicine and Science, Columbia, Missouri28.

University Miami, Miami University of Ohio, Ohio29.

University Uppsala, University of Southern Denmark30.

University Tromsø, University Tomsk, Norway31.

University Oslo, University Oslo32.

University Lund, University Lund33.

University Copenhagen, University Copenhagen34.

University Stockholm, University Stockholm35.

University Göteborg, University Götesund, Sweden36.

University Rovaniemi, University Rovanik, Finland37.

University Jyväskylä, University Jymälä Helsinki, Finland38.

University Helsinki, University Helsinki39.

University Karlstad, University Karlstadskatu, Sweden40.

University Vantaa, University Vålerenga, Sweden41.

University Linnaeus, University Linnasä, Finland42.

University Södertälje, University Sotterdal, Sweden43.

University Märchen, University Mærchenä, Sweden44.

University Bergen, University Bergbäen, Norway45.

University Gothenburg, University Gotheburg, Sweden46.

University Bordeaux, University Brest, France47.

University Grenoble, University Grenod, France48.

University Montpellier, University Montpelier, France49.

University Rouen, University Rouens, France50.

University Nantes, University Nantambu, France51.

University Paris, University Paris 52.

University Saint-Roch, Saint-Ouest, France53.

University Côte d’Azur, University Cote d’azur, France54.

University Liège, University Liene, Belgium55.

University Lyon, University Lyon56.

University Strasbourg, University Strasburg, France57.

University Cologne, University Cologne58.

University Groningen, University Gronogen, Netherlands59.

University Basel, University Basels, Switzerland60.

University Brussels, University Brussels61.

University Amsterdam, University Amsterdam62.

University Geneva, University Geneva63.

University Prague, University Prague64.

University Dresden, University Dresden65.

University Hamburg, University Hamburg66.

University Vienna, University Vienna67.

University Zurich, University Zurich68.

University Budapest, University Budapest69.

University Madrid, University Madrid70.

University Parma, University Para, Italy71.

University Milan, University Milan72.

University Munich, University Munich73.

University Bonn, University Bon