How Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools Can Keep Its Dental School Open

Charlotte Meeklenburg Schools is open for enrollment for its seventh year. 

 The school has a strong history of high-performing students and a long track record of providing excellent dental services. 

But for some students, the schools dental school is a new experience. 

A group of students from the Eastside High School District have come together to start an organization to advocate for dental school access. 

The Eastside School District is offering a scholarship program for the students to help pay for dental work. 

Teacher and nurse Traci Johnson, a nurse, and dental assistant and dental hygienist Nicole Johnson have been organizing to help students get dental care. 

Johnson said that they have been inundated with requests for dental care, and that the amount of requests has made dental school impossible. 

“We had a student come in for a checkup for a dental problem that they were having and they had a cavity, they were a little worried and they wanted to know what it was and we said, ‘well you need to have a dental examination,'” Johnson said. 

This is a first for me, but we haven’t had a dental student in the district in over a decade.” 

The group, known as the East Side Dental Students Association, has also been working to bring the school to life. 

As a dental school, they say, the students are part of the learning experience.”

We want to give our students the experience of learning in a professional setting and getting dental care at a great dental school,” said Traci. 

Students say they were given the option of being dental school students, but they were told they would be limited to one day a week. 

They also were told that they would not be able to work during the school day. 

On Thursday, a student and her parents, along with a teacher and nurse, are holding a public meeting to make the dental school available. 

While some students say that the dental schools dental programs are not ideal, the Eastsider’s have taken matters into their own hands.”

The idea of the dental students being in a dental classroom is really something we want to do because that’s where our students are learning and the students at Eastside do a great job,” Johnson said of the dentistry. 

For now, the group is just hoping to get the dental student dental school open. 

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