Freedom High School in Yonkers is no longer a private school

The Freedom High school in Yonker has been sold to a for-profit company that plans to convert it into a charter school.

The school was purchased in November by New York City’s First City Charter School, which was created to bring charter schools to New York.

The company, the parent company of the Freedom High, also owns New York’s Second City Charter Schools.

But the school will be owned by the same company that purchased the Freedom high school in the first place, and the New York Public School District will have no say in the future of the school.

A spokesperson for First City said the school is owned by NewYork City charter school board members and staff, and will continue to be run as a public school.

But Freedom High Principal John A. Williams said in a statement to The Next World that the decision to sell the school was “unexpected” and that he “will continue to advocate for the school.”

“The school is an important part of the First City community and we are grateful to the First Chicago Community Charter School for its leadership and support,” Williams said.

The move is an effort to open up a new charter school in New York, and there have been plans to do the same in Illinois and California, where the Freedom Charter Schools have been operating since 2013.

The Freedom High is in the Bronx borough of Queens, just across the Charles River from the Bronx Zoo.

Williams said he hoped the new school would help people who want to start their own charter school, but would not elaborate on that.

He added that the school has received “the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau” and was rated a “Top 5 charter school” by a national nonprofit organization.