Allen High School’s closure

Allen, Italy – Allen high schools has been closed for the second time this year following a massive fire that gutted the school.

The fire broke out at the school in the village of Cerna on March 13, leaving the school’s 100-year-old auditorium and gymnasium in ruins.

According to local news agency Ansa, the school has reopened with only a few students left in the town.

Allen High was once home to many students from the region of Cosenza, including some from the area’s oldest school, Cosenzia.

The school was built in the 14th century, which is when it was first built.

The school was closed in 2012, following a closure imposed by the local council due to a lack of funds, according to local media.

The closure was due to the loss of more than 1,200 hectares (3,500 acres) of land, according the regional government of Veneto.