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Little soldier play school being one of the most prominent name in Play School presenters, we treat all children as per their uniqueness and specialty. We recognize that children whose basic ,emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs are met and nurtured through the preschool years in levels like Playgroup, Nursery, L.K.G., U.K.G. They become ready and eager to learn the academics in elementary school. Consequently, we as a play school make age-appropriate materials available in such a way that they learn while they are playing. The curriculum for each age level is based on thematic lessons. It is developed for every child to experience success. We encourage & support child’s self-initiated investigations so that they learn while doing or playing. Depending on the psychology that differs in every student at our Play School, we conduct age appropriate activity based learning. It majorly involves the following methods that make our approach unique for their student by:


The wonderful preschool memories begin in our classrooms. Where in nursery, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generates a positive foundation for preschool. We engage them with other kids at our preschool and together they explore toys, look at books, sing, play with puzzles etc. During the early childhood education, we teach them that school is a safe place to explore their world in many new & exciting ways. We have various activities to support our modern preschool curriculum including art and craft and the wonderful concept rooms. This introduces or reinforces fine social skills. Songs, chants and dances reinforces pre-reading skills such as phonetics awareness and letter recognition. The pre-math skills of identifying and repeating patterns or directions as well as working with books like nursery rhymes and poems encourages familiarity with print, letter recognition and the beginning of phonetic awareness. The cooking project introduces the pre-math skills of following multi-step instructions, counting and measuring.

L.K.G (Lower Kindergarten)

In Little Soldier play school L.K.G. (Lower Kindergarten) program, we encourage children to look for peer relationships, to play cooperatively, to share, contribute, and to interact with others in a group to explore & create! In addition,to this L.K.G. consists of a vast array of lessons and learning, through companionship & numerous recreational activities. The syllabus is composed to stimulate and satisfy the child curosity. This level concentrates on developing further social skills while introducing Kindergarten activities in a fun, exciting and developing way. In addition to social development and inculcating good habits, social manners & etiquettes the lower kindergarten focuses on letter recognition and sounds, handwriting, sight words, reading, readiness, simple math concepts, and exploring the world around us through science, social studies and technology. This level concentrates on utilizing children curiosity and improves their social skills and social manners. All of our programs offer appropriate curriculum and each level builds on the previous one.

U.K.G (Upper Kindergarten)

This U.K.G. (Upper Kindergarten) program, level organizes developmentally appropriate activities into many lessons and sessions designed to accomplish readiness for Kindergarten as well as further strengthen the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Our children get the opportunity to explore each lesson and learning sessions with the other children in U.K.G. Teachers encourage readiness to learn and question; utilization of the children’s developing sense of responsibility; and their interest in play, construction and simple games. Memory development ,visual discrimination, safety rules and sense of security are also an important area of development for a child in U.K.G. It focuses on orienting the child to develop self-confidence and honesty. At Little Soldier, the upper kindergarten program offers a “kinder, gentler” approach for children who need an extra year to grow before entering a full day formal school.. Our UKG program encourage child to learn and question, it also encourages child to develop sense of responsibility and memory development. In addition to regular classroom activities and outdoor play, the children in the different levels of Little Soldier goes through different concept rooms.

School Essentials

The admission process begins with counseling and completes on the receipt of admission fees and making the entry into the admission record register. The parents may also take a school round and understand how the little ones are nurtured beautifully with care and love. For more details on fee structure, visit our school
  • Admission Form costs Rs 200/- .
  • School-Uniform for Nursery, LKG & UKG
  • Stationary including books are provided by school itself.
  • Conveyence-Auto & Van facility available.
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