What to expect at the Carrollton High School porn show

Carrollton, Georgia — Carrollton High is a porn star school.And the school has its own porn studio.A few weeks ago, the school’s principal announced the first-ever sex toy promotion.The promotion was called Pornstars For Carrollton.The school has two sex shops.One is called the “Porn Star Shop.”It has a big sign […]

We’re going to stop schools from doing this, too

We’re officially banning all backpack-carrying students from public schools.The reason: The backpack is no longer safe.“In this day and age, people are very concerned about their safety, and the more people that have these items in their pockets, the more unsafe it is,” school principal David Smith told ABC News.The […]

How to avoid the NYC schools closing

We have a new school in New York City and a lot of questions about the school and the school district.Is this a good idea for the students?Will this school provide good teaching and learning?Will the students learn and be successful?And will it get the students back to their neighborhoods […]

Which school closures will be announced in 2017?

Schools in Italy are currently facing a shortage of teachers, as the Government struggles to find enough qualified teachers.It is expected that the number of vacancies will increase as schools struggle to find qualified teachers for the new year.The number of qualified teachers in the country increased by 2,973 students […]

Medical school sex scandal exposes hidden agendas

A medical school sex-crime scandal exposes secret agendas that students and faculty may have for the health of their students.The Associated Press obtained a confidential report detailing a case at the University of Florida that led to the resignation of a professor who was the subject of sexual misconduct allegations.The […]

How to get the best grades in Indian schools

A list of the best schools in India for the most popular Indian subject.It also provides a ranking of the most attractive universities in India.The rankings were created by the University of Toronto and include scores for 10 subjects: mathematics, science, social studies, English, history, computer science, music, and nursing.The […]

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