How to use Google Analytics to create sexy schoolgirl ads

You may have noticed that your school’s “Schoolgirl” photo has been featured on many Google AdWords pages.The images are usually photos of young girls, with the words “schoolgirl” emblazoned across the bottom.It is common to see the phrase “schoolgirls” appear on many AdWords ads, including these examples: “My students like […]

How to get help for your kids at Gwinnett County schools

Gwinnetts County schools are closed until Monday as the state’s outbreak continues to spread.The state Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday morning that the state of Georgia has declared a state of emergency for the entire county.The state is providing $25 million to help schools reopen, including $15 […]

How to wear a schoolgirl outfit

A schoolgirl dress is an accessory of choice at many of the country’s biggest fashion and beauty shops.But how do you know if your outfit is suitable for the occasion?Here are a few pointers.1.The outfit should be casual.The most important thing to look for is how casual the outfit is.A […]

How to make the best of a bad season

The NFL’s offseason is a messy time.While the league has made a lot of progress in addressing player safety, the NFLPA has remained a big thorn in the side of the league.The players union filed a lawsuit last month against the NFL, claiming it violated their collective bargaining rights by […]

How to stop cyber bullying in California

There’s no denying cyber bullying is a problem in California.But how to stop it?Read MoreThe Cyberbullying Prevention and Response Act (CPPR) of 2016, which passed the California Assembly and Senate in May, is an effort to help California fight the problem of cyberbullying.This year, the bill includes a number of […]

How to find the best football schools in Texas

In the wake of the tragedy in Texas, many colleges and universities have been struggling to find a way to cope with the trauma of students returning to their communities, where the school is not typically a hotbed for racism.Many schools are struggling to adapt to the new culture and […]

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